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Pink Lindsay AAAA+


After hitting the Pink Lindsay you can expect a creeping body buzz to wash over you, relaxing every inch of your body and creating a state of pure bliss. Despite the powerful muscle-relaxing effects, it’s a great strain for socializing, intimacy, and gaming. Pink Lindsay will inspire and possibly increase creativity, while inducing a light-hearted feeling at the same time.

Used for: Mood boost, euphoria, chronic and acute pain, depression, stress, anxiety, headaches, eating disorders, nausea, insomnia.


Pink Kush is a high-THC indica flower, historically linked to OG Kush, a popular West Coast cannabis strain. Pink Kush can be characterized by its dense, dark green and purple buds, as well as its lemony scent with notes of spice and lavender derived from its limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool terpenes. + Lindsay OG is a special OG Kush phenotype. Originating from Chadd Jackett of Liberty Farms, and winner of Best Indica in the 2015 Karma Cup. Foreboding and deep forest green buds sport an icy exterior of milky trichomes. Highly resinous and sticky while nicely cured. The aromas wallop your senses with a powerful musk of fuel and dank earth. Smokes to a light grey ash in a joint.Immensely calming while displaying a pleasant euphoric buzz at first. The latter portions of the stone will leave you munchies-ridden and relaxed. Best suited for evenings in with friends and melting into the couch. Overall, Lindsay OG is a must-try for those who like heavy and potent strains.

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